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make Louis Vuitton Belts economy completely out of the haze, the further development of the financial crisis, is a good news. But on the other hand, also highlights the dangerous tendency of Cheap louis Vuitton Belts economy, namely to strengthen the governments plans for economic function, overly strengthen state-controlled, strongly encourage guo jin min tui strategy, in order to improve the ability of state control of economy and society, especially in the current Cheap louis Vuitton Belts social various aspects contradictions escalate the situation, all aspects of problems under the time background of increasingly prominent.

replica louis vuitton belts www.cafeasiadc.com Rulers are trying to state capitalism instead of the free market economic experiment, the results from in recent years, including this years top 500 list of Louis Vuitton Belt can feel - government controlled by state-owned big enterprise occupies the absolute position of strength, from the side confirmed that Louis Vuitton Belts private economy has suffered strong, over the years the crackdown include economic means and policy measures, leading to private economy is difficult to achieve breakthroughs in big strides, they have to be in government control of Banks, enterprises and the market mechanism in the difficult to seek a path.

This is anecdotal debate has long guo jin min tui phenomenon, from the worlds top 500 private enterprises in Louis Vuitton Belt are, you can see that how significant is the results! And deliberate practice of state capitalism, the reason is, of course, political, or maintain the current system, to prevent the system evolution, which in turn shows that with the deepening of the marketization of Louis Vuitton Belts economic reform, the importance of private economy in Louis Vuitton Belts national life growing, influenced by marxist theory, Louis Vuitton Belts rulers have to face their own problems, how to deal with the economic basis and superstructure contradiction. Financial crisis will undoubtedly provides a consolidation of the best of the economy, to take this opportunity to the Cheap louis Vuitton Belts government to strengthen the financial and policy support of large state-owned enterprises, greatly promoted the reform of state-owned economy after the state-owned big enterprises survival and development ability.

cheap louis vuitton belts www.cafeasiadc.com At the same time, the private economy but do not have the same treatment of state-owned enterprises, because of a lack of funding and policy support, the giant of the financial crisis hit, tottering, let alone development? Because of this, Louis Vuitton Belts large state-owned enterprises for many years in the world 500 strong advances, the private economy on the world economic stage is bleak.

Say it is dangerous, one is that it violates the market economic law. Government control with market rules is a pair of contradiction, how to properly deal with their relations, is an art, also determines the health of the economy and the level of maturity, too much emphasis on the government control, is undoubtedly the offence of market rules, and retrace the planned economy, where elderly people would have painful memories to this, the economic model may short the illusion of success, but cant walk very long, go well, doubt. Second, it may become a bureaucratic capitalism.

State-owned big enterprise, the boss of the identity of both official and business, and the governments strong control ability of the economy, corruption has made easier to breeding and fermentation, especially in Louis Vuitton Belts regulatory mechanism under the condition of relatively weak, corruption in the government and business executives to grasp the economic rights advocates form an alliance to each other to obtain economic benefits, they become vested interests of emerging, replace the early economic speculators, on any market reform and political system reform, naturally, and rejects, as a result, they to Louis Vuitton Belts long-term economic and social harm is immeasurable.