The composition of the xenon headlamp system

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The composition of the xenon headlamp system


<p>1. Ballast HID automotive headlamp system has a ballast, its function is to maintain the HID system voltage stability, it is HID system and automotive electrical system between the bridge and interface, both to maintain the relative independence of HID system , And maintain its connection with the car electrical LED light bars</p>

<p>2. Starter As HID lights similar to the principle of fluorescent light, that is, through the arc between the two electrodes, so the need for a starter. At present, some starters and ballasts made of one, and some are separated separately. 3. Light source HID lamp light is not from the tungsten wire, but by ionization and light. The lamp is made of crystal glass, there are two electrodes, when the voltage on both electrodes is sufficient, it produces arc, and by the ballast to keep the light source.Red Led Brake Light Bar</p>

<p>4. Light Distribution System The light distribution system determines the distance and width of the light emitted. 5. Balance system Some HID lights, such as the BMW 7 series models used on the lights, the use of a balance system, this system can automatically adjust the light according to external light and front goals to eliminate dazzling phenomenon.20 Led Light Bar Review</p>