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gucci belt cheap and so do nothing

Like LeiZhengFu indecent video, Shanghai judges collective prostitution, etc., especially on the Internet caused a huge stir, whereto officials depraved life seriously, you can imagine. First of all, mistresses in officialdom, how serious? From lok ma of corrupt officials, mostly involves the mistress, women problems. From this perspective, the attitude behind must have economic problems, because women keep a sweetheart, is to spend money, officials of the money come from? Are either public consumption, or corruption, otherwise why meet.

So much of the town, gucci belt replica of course, cost is not a small number, the money comes from where. Therefore, anti-corruption cadres life style to check up, can achieve v replica gucci belts ery good results. Second, a few officials all enjoyment, idle work, follow one's inclinations. From the perspective of the official check in, not only there are more than 80 times in a year, but also work in work in the day time of check in. This means some officials work very free, no pressure; On the other hand, showed the minority officials to work irre sponsible, for pleasure. And the official original still in important positions, gucci belt cheap and so do nothing.

Finally, there is a question of problem, that is the treatment for the cadres, isn't it seems too easy.

Despite the party secretary in anger, but at least according to the current media information, seems just out of the cadres an important position. So what does he went to the unimportant position, serve the people in the government cadres post, don't have the import cheap gucci belts ant position, can go to arrange those officials mistresses? According to the relevant provisions of the party, all keeping mistresses, all should be expelled from. And exactly what should be the official investigation, is the test of local official corruption rectification determination and sincerity.

Why prohibition mistress phenomenon in officialdom? Is people the understanding of the problems for the men and women style on the one hand, has been changing, think doesn't matter, there are thought to be the embodiment of the ability to think that this is the phenomenon of social development.

And since the ancient times Prostitution is better than poverty Idea, and now Money Is influenced by the concept of, so normal. On the other hand is the relevant departments for this kind of problem is investigated, obviously some of the adversary. As long as you don't have a significant impact, basically be to dwindle, hush. Yesterday, the 2014 CCTV Spring Festival gala program through its official weibo officially released. After Spring Festival gala program in various ways were leaked in advance, the release of the official version didn't bring too much surprise to the audience.